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Kitchen Design Lab

Your Source for Affordable Quality Cabinets, Closets, and Custom Doors

Joey Chan, Partner - Started designing kitchens in Dec 2001, worked for a big box store where he was formally educated as a kitchen designer.  Then was later recruited to a high end custom cabinet shop in 2002. In 2003 Joey started his own cabinet installation service and is still currently in the business. In 2019 Joey partnered to start Kitchen Design Lab with his current partners Johnathan and Mark.  Joey has just celebrated 15 years of marriage and loves to spend time with his 3 children.


Johnathan Boyle, Partner - Spent 5 years in the Marine Corps and then attended Columbia University, Johnathan is a full time real estate investor and partner at Kitchen Design Lab


Mark Lladas, Partner - Is a trained nurse practitioner by trade. Mark is also a part time real estate investor and partner at Kitchen Design Lab.  Mark likes to spend his time with his family and new baby.


Rusbert Almonte, Kitchen Designer  - Rusbert spent 5 years as a full time kitchen cabinet installer and came on board as our full time kitchen designer when the position opened up in Spring 2022. 


Carol Bautista, Admin - Carol has been with Kitchen Design Lab as our full time administrative admin and social media specialist since 2021.

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